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Unforgettable Moments at the Shrimad Rajchandra Gurukul Retreat

Amidst a wave of joy and summertime excitement, Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram Dharampur welcomed students from Shrimad Rajchandra Gurukul for the much awaited Retreat. The two-day event provided a transformative experience for the budding students.

Through a session by Atmarpit Rajuji, students learnt techniques to overcome stress and develop a positive mindset. Atmarpit Siddhiji guided students on harnessing their thoughts and emotions, while Atmarpit Vidhiji inspired them to have faith in their inner abilities. An interactive exercise led by Atmarpit Amishaben stressed the significance of positive associations.

Students were blessed to do pakshal of Param Krupalu Dev’s Lotus Feet and participate in Arti at the Jinmandir. They also enthusiastically participated in sports and rejuvenating yoga sessions.

The students expressed their love for Pujya Gurudevshri through devotional dedications. Through skits, students showcased the importance of resilience and how one can embrace failure without losing hope. They conveyed gratitude through heart-felt experience sharing. An electrifying Dangi dance performance enthralled the audience.

During the photo session, the students were blessed with the precious opportunity of capturing cherished moments with the Divine Master; creating memories that would forever be treasured. They also received a souvenir blessed by Pujya Gurudevshri.

The Ashram further extended its warmth to local children from the Dharampur town, who visited it for a fun-filled Retreat. In addition to wisdom workshops, children participated in the FEEL (Faith for Earth Empathy Leadership Programme) session through which they learnt about environmental sustainability and put it into action by creating coconut shell bowls and painting re-cycled cloth pouches.

The Retreats marked an unforgettable event in the lives of all the participants – providing a platform for personal growth and fostering an environment of love, compassion and camaraderie that will resonate for years to come!

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