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Pune Dharmayatra 2023

Pune, known as the ‘Queen of the Deccan’, experienced a warm winter radiance as Pujya Gurudevshri arrived in the city, engulfing it in cascades of grace for four days between November 30 and December 3. His privileged hosts were Mahesh – Mrudula Mehta.

Thousands converged at the Annabhau Sathe Auditorium, drawn by the magnetic wisdom of Pujya Gurudevshri offered to aspirants during two enlightening discourses. Eager seekers thronged in such large numbers that a thousand of them had to be seated in a spill-over arrangement. Casting a transformative light on the significance of human birth as an invaluable opportunity for spiritual upliftment, Pujya Gurudevshri skilfully steered seekers towards relinquishing indolence. His teachings illuminated the path of self-discovery, urging seekers to confront their imperfections and seize this rare opportunity for a meaningful transformation.

Shri Pune Gujarati Bandhu Samaj and Pune Gujarati Kelavani Mandal felicitated Pujya Gurudevshri, while the Suryadatta Group of Institutes presented Him with The Suryadatta Suryabhushan Global Peace Ambassador Award. The gathering also witnessed the launch of SRMD Yoga (Pune) by the revered hands of Pujya Gurudevshri. The Master had a delightful exchange with Pujya Tyaganandji Swami and Pujya Shastranayandas Swami from BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir, Pune.

The Master’s gracious padhramanis unleashed a flood of joy for many including Dr Abhay – Indira Firodia, Chairman of Force Motors; Ranka Family, Owners of Ranka Hospital and Ranka Jewellers; Rekha Sanchorawalla, Dr HJ Clinics and Dr Jyoti Karya, Owner of Karya Builders and Karya Clinic. 32 exquisite pratishthas solidified the Divine in the hearts of Mahesh – Mrudula Mehta, Sunil – Neena Mehta, Vipul – Charu Mehta, Asha – Vinita Bafana, Viren – Alvi Gandhi, Shashank –Goral Malvaniya, Nilay – Dhruvi Shah, Ashish – Neelu Navalakha, Hitesh – Preeti Solanki, Jignesh – Sangita Shah, Bhupendra – Priyanka Porwal, Piyush – Smita Mehta, Bhavesh – Kinnari Shah, Hiren Kapadia, Rakesh – Manita Oswal, Paresh – Leena Mehta, Manik – Sangeeta Karnavat, Amit Sonigra, Vinod – Meena Oswal, Vimal – Nilima Solanki, Pankaj – Sonal Desai, Anup – Vishakha Gujar, Mahendra – Ila Shah, Ankita – Maisha Khanter, Jagruti – Palak Mehta, Jay – Veena Dhalawat, Trupti – Anaya Jain, Jayesh – Saroj Vikam, Sonal Gathani, Vijay – Bhavna Gosalia, Paresh – Sangeeta Udani and Bhavesh Shah.

Members of the Pune Youth Group and Study Group embarked on a morning trek with their revered Master from Katraj to Sinhagad. Playing games enhancing mindfulness, sharing profound experiences, expressing happiness through spirited dances, meaningful dedications and heartfelt bhakti, the entourage strengthened their bonds of love, faith and surrendership towards Pujya Gurudevshri. Pune Introspection Group also had the fortune of meeting the Master.

A memorable day-long retreat was planned for the Pune seekers with their dearest Master. Devotees excitedly accorded Him a traditional welcome at the venue. Pujya Gurudevshri inspired and energised the audience with His Udghosh. Atmarpit Nemiji refreshed the gathering with thrilling games carrying life lessons. The group toned their bodies and minds with yoga and meditation in the sublime presence of Pujya Gurudevshri. On the occasion of completion of 20 years since Pujya Gurudevshri’s first Dharmayatra to Pune, the cultural event celebrated ‘20 years of Grace and a lifetime of Gratitude’, and through varied dedications devotees professed their adoration for the Divine.

On the eve of departure, tears of gratitude welled up in the eyes of the Pune devotees; an emotional torrent affirming the intense impact of the Master’s selfless love upon their hearts.

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