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Aquatic Therapy Course for a Multi-regional Team

An Aquatic Therapy course conducted at Shrimad Rajchandra Hospital and Research Centre brought together participants from Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Raipur, Surat, Tuticorin etc., to explore the therapeutic potential of water. The course was led by Dr C. G. Prashanth – Physiotherapy Specialist and Aquatic Therapy Facility in-charge, Qatar Rehabilitation Institute. He is also the Founder-president of Aquatic Therapy Network of India and Board Member and Vice Chair of World Aquatic Bodywork Association.

The course was focused on bringing about improvement in patients with neurological and musculoskeletal conditions, autism etc. Participants were exposed to a range of innovative methods such as Watsu, Ai-Chi and Water Specific Therapy, designed to harness the unique properties of water for healing and rehabilitation. This comprehensive programme provided participants with a deep understanding of the principles and applications of aquatic therapy. Upon successful completion the attendees received certificates, making it a valuable addition to their professional development. The course was an enriching experience that underscored the importance of aquatic therapy in modern healthcare practices.

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