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Demolish selfishness, design yourself to be good, develop good deeds and decorate your life with virtues.

Dharma is not separate from the Enlightened One. When Dharma manifests in a form, it is called an Enlightened One.

The sight of an Enlightened Master brings a wave of joy & enthusiasm, a confidence that makes the impossible feel possible.

To lead a healthy life, review & revise your beliefs regarding the quality of your life and happiness.

Your net worth is your network - your ability to connect with people and build loving relationships.

Check during your activities, social or seva - that your values, connection and inner calling for a higher life, is not lost.

It's better to take a break than to breakdown. Consciously move backward to revitalise, rejuvenate & relaunch yourself.

Your beliefs shape your thoughts and actions. Work on your beliefs to make your journey easy and joyful.

To win the game of life, master the art from a Master who has mastered it.

#SadguruWhispers To a complex mind with rigidity and impurity, the simple truth seems difficult to understand.