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Before time can turn your present into the past, awaken in the now, to your pure and peaceful nature.

Start with glad acceptance and eventually become an observer of whatever happens in the world & at the body & mind level.

Worshipping knowledge is to internalise the wisdom received from the Guru.

A desireless state is most desirable to the seeker of liberation.

Do your duty towards others without missing out on the commitment towards your spiritual welfare.

The strong bond of love makes a relation precious and cherishable.

Human birth is a golden opportunity. It is limited and uncertain. Resolve to not waste it after the transitory. Invest it in the eternal.

Like saltiness is to salt, bliss is to the Self.

How do we venerate God with lamps, whose teachings & life continue to illuminate numerous lives with the light of eternal wisdom?

#SadguruWhispers Guru loves you so much that He blasts dynamites daily to break your rock-like ego.