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Antim Aradhana

Media 4 ACD
Language Gujarati

Death is certain. The Enlightened Ones teach us that just like the art of living, the art of leaving can be imbibed. With Param Krupalu Dev’s supreme grace and conceptualised by Pujya Gurudevshri comes 'Antim Aradhana', a CD set aimed at a peaceful passing.


The product comprises of 2 sets – 'Antim Yatrani Sajag Tayari' (Vigilant preparedness for the final journey) and ‘Chirvidayni Velaey’ (rituals for the final moments). The first set includes 3 CDs, 'Bhaktini Upasana', 'Bhedjnanni Sadhana’ and 'Satsangni Avagahana'.


The 2nd set, Chirvidayni Velaey, includes an MP3 and a booklet. It includes guidance on Pratikraman - atonement for past misdeeds, Prarthana - getting connected to the Divine in the present moment and Pratyakhan – embraving vows for the future. The booklet containing the same matter will help in situations where playing the audio CD is not possible.


Kindly note:
Purchasing the physical set also gives you complimentary access to the digital download for easy access on your devices.
The Download Files are Zip files and hence can be downloaded through computer/ laptops only or you need an app on phone which can open Zip files.

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