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Amazinga Adventures Activity Cards for Children

Language English
Size 8 x 8 in
Amazinga Adventures: Activity Cards is the perfect tool to guide your young ones to learn and practise important virtues in a playful manner.

Players undertake a growth safari through the Amazinga jungle. Designed for children aged three to eight years, this powerful pack of 52 activity cards is packed with fun and engaging activities that promote valuable life skills.

The activity cards are divided into five categories:
  • Prayer Cards: Help your child connect with the Divine.
  • Meditation Cards: Increase awareness and encourage mindfulness.
  • Gratitude Cards: Teach your child the importance of expressing thanks and appreciation.
  • Challenge Cards: Stimulate young brains with exciting challenges.
  • Make Your Own Cards: Encourage your child's imagination and creativity with these customisable cards

These value-based activity cards are not only an excellent tool for self-improvement but also foster parent-child bonding as you embark on these adventures together. Whether you're looking for a meaningful activity for quality family time or searching for a thoughtful gift for other young children, the Amazinga Adventures Activity Cards are an ideal choice.




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