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You Seem So Far

O Lord!
You seem so far. Like sky you seem
unfathomable, yet I know that one-
day, I will surely fathom You. I have
faith that I will reach You for Your
love shall draw me close to You.
By drinking the nectar of tears that
spontaneously flow from my eyes
when I think of You, by walking on
the bridge of Your memory, I will
reach You.

To reach You means to stay strongly
connected with You. And so, day and
night, this alone is my quest. This
alone is what I repeatedly chant. This
alone is my austerity.

I love You… endlessly.
I long for You… ceaselessly.
Certainly, we will meet and become
one. Your grace will surely guide me
to our divine communion.
Like the fish in the ocean, I do not
wish to stay separate from You. But,
like the river in the ocean, I yearn to
merge in You.

O my Divine Beloved! I yearn to
dissolve in Your infinite Existence.
Om Peace Peace Peace


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