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Let This Flute Always

O Master!

Let this flute always remember that it is an inert, lifeless, and empty piece of wood. The music flowing out of it is that of a flutist. The fingers and the breath that bring out the music is His.

The flute may be empty but its value and blessedness is because of the flutist. Bless me that, I always remain in the hand of my divine flutist.

May my life become pure bereft of the dirt of hatred, selfishness, falsehood, greed, anger etc.

May my life be straight, simple and egoless.

May my behaviour be humble, modest and soft.

May my heart be filled with compassion, peace, forgiveness and purity, so that the divine flutist can lovingly blow His music through me.

If this flute is able to bring out sweet and magical music that can touch hearts, then it is not the flute’s greatness, it is the magic of the flutist. Therefore, I have only one prayer to make to the listeners of this music, while listening to this flute, let their attention be on the flutist and never on the flute.

Om Peace Peace Peace


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