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The Vibrant Youth Shibir 2022
Pujya Gurudevshri, the lifeline of the youth, One who inspires them to rise in devotion and spirituality, blessed the members of the Yuvarpit, Jivanarpit and Hridayarpit groups to participate in the Youth Shibir 2022. Filled with immense excitement, the youth arrived to rejuvenate themselves.

Enriching Sessions

The two-day fiesta commenced with an interesting session by Atmarpit Maulikji on resolving problems. In a very simple manner, he made the youth aware about how our mind perceives anything different from our expectations as a problem. He then explained how to overcome problems through six tips – identify the problem, simplify it, rectify your ways, magnify your devotion, pacify yourself with acceptance and nullify by erasing.

Melting the hearts of the youth and inspiring them to live a life of love, gratitude and service was a moving session by Atmarpit Nemiji. He explained the essence of a spiritually affluent and festive life. He also shared heart-touching incidences from the Master’s life, inspiring the youth to develop virtues. Stirring the youth to serve, Atmarpit Nemiji gave them a slogan, ‘We must, we can and we will offer seva’ as an expression of our love and gratitude towards Pujya Gurudevshri and the Mission. Then, through fun-filled games, Atmarpit Nemiji reinforced the message shared in the session.

Electrifying Celebrations

The evening commenced with a divine arti and Devvandan at the Jinmandir and Gurumandir. The celebrations then continued at the Amphitheatre. Blessed to have been under Pujya Gurudevshri’s blanket of grace since long Yuvarpits Shanay and Shayaan Sanghvi, Jivanarpits Sidhant and Ria Shah and Hridayarpits Rushabh and Chandni Doshi then shared their life experiences which brought to the fore His deep love and boundless compassion. The youth received souvenirs blessed by Pujya Gurudevshri, serving as a memory of this remarkable two-day celebration.

The holi celebrations began with Pujya Gurudevshri venerating Param Krupalu Dev’s charankamal with pakshal and pujan. The Master then gracefully moved about in the jubilant crowd as they danced in joyous devotion. As He coloured each one in hues of His love, the youth were seen leaping, smiling, and crying, all at the same time. As the lights turned to a deep blue, the entire assemblage at the Amphitheatre chanted the pious name of Param Krupalu Dev while fistfuls of neon colours were flung in the air. The enchanting experience left imprints of a lifetime in the beings of one and all.

Enlivening Discourse

The pinnacle of the shibir came in the form of an elevating pravachan next morning by Pujya Gurudevshri, aptly titled “Create Life of Miracles”, where He lovingly guided the youth with the philosophy and the practical approach for uplifting their lives. Expounding on the nectar of spiritual wisdom from Patrank 460 of Shrimad Rajchandra Vachanamrutji, He stressed that for no reason must one feel distressed in this world.

He urged the youth to prioritise long-term happiness. With life involving constant changes, He highlighted how happiness is not dependent on the external but is a factor of how one thinks and responds. He further shared the importance of loving and supporting near and dear ones, and shared immensely helpful tips for the same. From becoming emotionally independent to tackling failures; from understanding self-talk to taking care of relationships; from closing accounts daily to rectifying wrong beliefs, the Master served power packed capsules that would transform the lives of the youth forever.

We bow down with utmost reverence at the Lotus Feet of our Divine Rangrej, Pujya Gurudevshri for colouring our lives in the tones of love, faith and surrendership.

#SadguruWhispers Devotion is pure love for the Divine without ego and expectation.