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Paediatric Cardiac Surgery Camp brings Hope to Lives

Since its inception, Shrimad Rajchandra Hospital and Research Centre has been organising various medical camps for examining the rural population for undetected and untreated diseases and also been providing appropriate treatment. Shrimad Rajchandra Hospital and Research Centre recently conducted a first of its kind paediatric cardiac surgery camp for the rural population. The camp, led by two esteemed doctors Dr Nitin Yelikar – Paediatric Cardiologist and Dr Sarang Gaikwad – Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon, proved to be a significant milestone in improving the region’s healthcare landscape.

Patients from interior areas of Dharampur, Kaprada and Dang benefited from the camp. Some even travelled more than 100 kms to seek specialised care at the camp. Many children underwent screening and a 2D Echo test was done on more than 75 kids. Over 20 children requiring life-saving surgeries were identified. The impact of this camp extended far beyond surgical interventions. By offering screening for critical congenital heart defects, an opportunity for early detection and timely treatment was provided. Even school children with no prior diagnosis received primary care, ensuring their well-being and offering hope for a healthier future. In the rural areas of South Gujarat, where access to specialised medical services is limited, this camp addressed a critical need of the local population.

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