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Develop a mind that does not mind; and develop a heart that does not hurt anyone.

Choicelessness is the key to remain undisturbed.

Enjoy every event of life, like watching the scenes of a drama.

Remembrance increases love for the Guru and love for the Guru increases His remembrance.

True power is not in controlling others but in being in control of your passions.

Glad acceptance of outer events and inner thoughts is the highway to Self abidance.

Admire a virtue you see in the Guru and soon you will experience it in you.

In the world, you may need intellect, but in spirituality, you need a pure heart.

The ignorant one forgets the Self even in religious activities. The earnest one remembers the Self even in worldly activities.

#SadguruWhispers Awaken to your true nature. Self realisation is an antidote to all suffering.