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Patrank – 194

Mumbai, Posh, 1947

Why has one not found the path?

Ponder upon this repeatedly, and when you feel it appropriate, read the accompanying letter.

Though my present state is not one in which I can write or explain much, only to prevent you from feeling offended, I have written what I felt was appropriate under the circumstances.

I feel that the path is simple, but getting to it, is difficult.

Salutations to the True Self with oneness and supreme devotion.

Without offering unwavering love and true faith at the Lotus Feet of an Enlightened Being who constantly moves about without any limitations, the True Self can not be attained. And with the cultivation of these feelings, the seeker undoubtedly reaches the same state as that of the Enlightened Being at whose Lotus Feet he has surrendered. This is the path that was tread by all Enlightened Beings, is being tread upon at present and will be tread upon in the future. I attained Self-realisation through this path. This is the path for Enlightenment at present, and for all times to come. This is the true essence of the teachings of all scriptures. Anyone wishing to attain liberation should, with unwavering determination, follow this path only. By not following this path one has been through innumerable cycles of birth and death since time immemorial. So long as one has the blindness of self-willed behaviour, the path cannot be perceived. (To remove this blindness) one has to contemplate upon the path; have a strong yearning for liberation; think about it ceaselessly, then the path is attained and blindness dispelled. Believe this without doubt. From time immemorial, one has walked on the wrong path. Although one has carried out chanting, austerities, reading of the scriptures etc. infinite number of times, one has not done that which was absolutely essential, that which I have mentioned above.

In Suyagadangsutra, where Bhagwan Rushabhdeva has addressed His ninety-eight sons and guided them along the path of liberation, He has given them the same direction:

Oh! Blessed ones! This soul has done everything except this one thing. What is that? Certainly, one has not heard the words, the teachings of an Enlightened Being, or not put them in action. And it is this that I call a monk’s samayik, (attainment of the Self).

Sudharmaswami reveals to Jambuswami that Bhagwan Mahavira, who has perceived the whole world, has said this to me:- Infinite number of people have surrendered themselves to their Guru and attained liberation by following His ajna (commands).

Not only here but everywhere and in all scriptures, this is the essence of the teachings.

Anae dhammo anae tavo

Following His ajna is religion. Following His ajna is austerity. (Acharang Sutra)

Everywhere, this is the essence of what the Great Ones have to say, and it is this essence, that one has failed to understand. The main reason amongst others for this failure is one’s own self-willed behaviour. The one who has decreased this self-willed behaviour, should contemplate on the best remedy for eliminating bondage (bondage regarding society, bondage of family, bondage of attachment to the body and bondage of thought processes) based on this. And in this process, ask me anything you feel appropriate. With the development of adequate qualifications on this path, somehow, you will find peace. Try to look for peace and someone whose ajna you can follow.

All other practices are to be performed later. On contemplation, you will not find another path to liberation. If you think of any other path, do let me know so that an appropriate response can be given.


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