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The Glory of a Self-Realised Master

On the auspicious occasion of Param Krupalu Dev’s birth anniversary on Kartik Purnima, Pujya Gurudevshri expounds the unparalleled greatness of the self-realised

Unrivalled is the self-realised one who has experienced His pure Self. His knowledge has made the Self its object of cognisance. His efforts are towards complete abidance in the Self. Annihilating karmas every moment, He is continuously moving towards the state of the Liberated Ones. With self-realisation, a new awareness has dawned and pervades His being.

The Life of Awareness

The Enlightened One lives a life full of awareness. Continuous awareness of the Self keeps Him separate from every circumstance that arises and so, effortlessly, He is doubtless and fearless. Identifying with the real nature of the Self, He lives doubtlessly. Even in the most adverse circumstances, He is not disposed to complain nor is He desirous of making changes. The three worlds may turn upside down; yet, He does not waver from right faith.

I am Consciousness. Nothing other than Consciousness belongs to me. My essential nature that I have realised can never be lost. No one can enter my essential nature. There is nothing in the world that can alter my essential nature. The one who experiences this has no fear. Whether with people or in the forest, He resides secretly in His cave of Consciousness.

The ignorant identified with the body fears death on seeing modifications in the body. The Enlightened One experiences His eternal Self distinctly separate from the mortal body and so, even at the time of departing from the body, He remains fearless. Mere talking about the nature of the Self may bring fame but not the state of fearlessness.

The self-realised One is undaunted and profound. He knows that no adversity has the strength to enter into Consciousness and disturb His connection with the Self. In this way He wins over the worst of troubles.

Profound Detachment

The Enlightened One has no desire of worldly prosperity. The wealth of the three worlds is like mere ashes for the self-realised. Experiencing richness of the Self, why would such a One desire the fleeting possessions of the world? Even if the whole world turns into gold, due to His dispassion, it appears like a blade of grass to Him.

The Enlightened One treads the path of absolute freedom; no worldly activity can bind Him. Due to His role, even if He is fighting a war, He remains detached because of right belief. Whereas the ignorant one whose beliefs have not changed, may have renounced the world, and though he sits in meditation, he has strong attachments. He believes that he will become happy by making changes in the world. As a result of this he has infinite cycles of birth and death.

Enlightened Ones are dharma incarnate. Recognising Them is to understand dharma. To get connected to Them is to become tuned to dharma. He who truly cognizes the life of the Enlightened One certainly attains dharma. Through words of wisdom, countenance and association, He elevates the seekers and directs them towards salvation.

Words of Wisdom

Independent like space, the Enlightened One is a pillar for the seekers of the Self. Taking support of the independent Self, He has become free from all dependence and is showing the same path to others. His speech emerges from the experience of the Self. It urges the listeners to realise their own Self and gives strength to pursue the path. Teachings of a self-realised Master leads them towards the ocean of happiness.

The seeker rejoices even upon hearing about the bliss of the Self from the Enlightened One. A fountain of joy springs forth from his heart. His nectar-like words have such matchless strength, that listening and reflecting upon them makes him forget all the sorrows of the world, drop his identification with the body and experience the divine Self. Soaked in experiential wisdom, His words inspire the listeners to turn within. They become ready to give up the insignificant wealth and prosperity of the world for the infinite Self. Such is the magnificence of the words of the self-realised.

The Divine Countenance

The seeker of the Self has only one constant yearning, how do I attain self-realisation? How do I manifest right faith, right knowledge and right conduct? On seeing the self-realised Master his plan to fulfil this desire begins to take shape. On seeing a king, one desirous of wealth feels delighted and assured that his poverty will soon be removed. In the same way, on seeing the divine countenance of the Master, the seeker feels elated and gains confidence that he too can attain self-realisation like Him. The enthusiasm of the aspirant increases, his love overflows as he experiences happiness and purity.

In awe of the Master, he wonders how the Enlightened One is abiding in the Self. Seeing His fulfilment, he gathers inspiration and says, ‘O what a wondrous state! I too wish for such peace, bliss and dispassion. I have found my Master who will impart the means to realisation of the Self to me. Practising them, my worldly sorrows will end and I too shall attain the bliss of liberation.’

Company of the Master

The seeker considers the company of the Enlightened One a great refuge and to live continually in His shelter as a matter of great fortune. He feels extremely happy, peaceful and secure in this association. Not even for a moment does he remember the transient pleasures of the world. Keeping the Master in sight, the aspirant elevates his state and aspires to live his whole life in line with that of the Master.

Once three boys saw a few monkeys on their way back from school in Abu. They got very scared. Just then they saw a man passing by. They pleaded with the man to hold their hands and walk along with them. The man lovingly agreed. Even though he gave no weapon to the children, the touch of his hand gave the children the warmth of compassion. They walked fearlessly on the lonely road, so happy and confident that they completely forgot about the monkeys, and reached home without any difficulty. Like the children, the seeker also needs some compassionate Enlightened One’s hand to hold him and walk with him on the path to liberation.

Thus, the company of the Enlightened Master is heart-warming and beneficial for the aspirant. When the sweet gaze of the self-realised One or His nectar-like words shower upon him, he becomes ecstatic. Taking the help of the strong, nourishing, supremely pure support of the Enlightened One’s countenance, teachings and company, the seeker turns within and attains self-realisation.

Prayer at His Lotus Feet

O my benevolent Master! I felt the karmas were overpowering, and the difficulties at the level of body, mind and surroundings, very powerful. But Your readiness to hold my hand has ended all my fears and concerns. O ocean of compassion! Your compassion is my strength. I feel so secure that I will not be defeated by anything. By the courage invoked by You in me, I shall progress towards liberation without any hindrance and come to reside in my eternal abode.

I was in a metaphysical slumber since time immemorial but now I am convinced that Your presence has the capacity to awaken my latent virtues. O Lord! Walk with me. Through Your strength, I have aspired to fulfil the goal of attaining the Eternal. I have left the shore of worldliness to reach the realm of the Enlightened. O God! I am a sinner. I have faltered infinitely and will surely have many obstacles on my path. I may not be able to stay with You but be merciful and reside constantly in my heart. Would You? You will. You certainly will have to. You are with me in my journey, and I feel assured that this journey will not break. Keep me with You till the very end.


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