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Capacity Building Workshops for Village Development

Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care, under its Consolidated Community Development initiative, conducted capacity–building workshops at the Ashram for the local village leaders. The workshops were attended by over 100 participants from 12 villages and focused on holistic village development, with sessions for different groups such as panchayat members, village volunteers, women etc.

With panchayat members, the discussion focused on leadership for sustainable development goals. Discussions among village volunteers, championing causes like health and education, were intended to galvanise different groups for holistic development. A session for women prioritised enhancing their participation in economic activities and discussed their critical role in community development. Through interactive sessions and skill-building activities, participants gained insights into decision-making processes and shared best practices. By promoting inclusivity and leadership, the initiative seeks to cultivate a sense of ownership and drive sustainable development at the grassroots level, ultimately fostering thriving and resilient communities.

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