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Announcements 04-11-2023

SRMD Yoga Accredited as School of Sound Healing:

  • SRMD Yoga has been accredited a School of Sound Healing by internationally recognised boards, the Complementary Medical Association (UK) and by Yoga Alliance (USA) as a Continuing Education Provider.
  • This makes SRMD Yoga the first-ever School of Sound Healing in India to be accredited by the Complementary Medical Association.
  • SRMD Yoga not only provides short courses and workshops but also intensive Teacher Training Courses (TTC) in sound healing.
  • Please click here to view the launch video.
  • Please click here to enrol for the first hybrid Sound Healing Teacher Training Course.

Pujya Gurudevshri’s Presence at the Ashram and Diwali Shibir (Mon, 6 – Mon, 20 Nov, 2023):

  • From Mon, 6 – Mon, 20 Nov, 2023, Pujya Gurudevshri will bless the Ashram with His physical presence.
  • From Mon, 6 – Tue, 7 Nov, 2023, there will be paravartana of the seventh shibir of Shri Swayambhustotra on Shri Munisuvrat Swami Stavan.
  • From Wed, 8 – Fri, 10 Nov, 2023, Pujya Gurudevshri will bless the devotees with Sadguru Udghosh. This will be a paravartana of Pujya Gurudevshri’s pravachan held on Sat, 4 Nov, 2023.
  • From Sat, 11 – Tue, 14 Nov, 2023, Diwali Shibir will be celebrated at the Ashram.
  • During the Diwali Shibir, also the last shibir of Shri Swayambhustotra, Pujya Gurudevshri will bless devotees with pravachans on the stavans of Shri Naminath, Shri Neminath, Shri Parshwanath and Shri Vardhaman Swami Bhagwan.
  • The evening sessions will feature various devotional programmes. This will include an inspiring skit on the life of Shravak Shri Devkaran Mulji as it emphasises on the importance of charity.
  • On Diwali eve, there will be samuhik chopdapujan as devotees will reminisce and seek the virtues of spiritual titans. For this, all are requested to carry their books and a red pen. Thereafter, there will be bhakti venerating Bhagwan Mahavir’s Nirvan Kalyanak.
  • There will also be an Adhyatmik Quiz on Patrank 47 taken by Pujya Gurudevshri during Paryushan Mahaparva 2023.
  • On Mon, 13 Nov, 2023, there will be Maha Pujan of the 24 Tirthankars. For this pujan, the laabh can be taken by 24 pairs of devotees, each pair not limited to married couples. The pujan will be followed by Granth Uthhapan Vidhi of this year’s sacred text Shri Swayambhustotra.
  • On Tue, 14 Nov, 2023, also the occasion of Gujarati New Year, Pujya Gurudevshri will bless the devotees with a pravachan.
  • Throughout the Diwali Shibir, to take laabh of Bhagwan’s Ashtaprakari Maha Pujan, Granth Uthhapan Vidhi, Tilak, Arti, Swamivatsalya and various other laabhs, please click here or contact Mission Trustee Premarpit Gautambhai Shah, 09821049338; [email protected]
  • Please click here to register for the Diwali Shibir 2023.

Jinmandir Pratishtha at Raj Shrushti Society by Pujya Gurudevshri (Sat, 18 Nov, 2023):

  • The pratishtha of pratimajis of Shri Parshwanath Bhagwan, Shri Rushabdev Bhagwan and Shri Mahavir Swami Bhagwan at Raj Shrushti Society in Dharampur will be performed in the pious presence of Pujya Gurudevshri, on Sat, 18 Nov, 2023.

Forthcoming Pravachan:

  • The next pravachan at Yogi Sabhagruh will be held on the pious occasion of Kartik Purnima, the birth anniversary of Param Krupalu Dev Shrimad Rajchandraji, on Mon, 27 Nov, 2023, from 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm.

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