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Chha Padano Patra

Media Type Digital Download
Language Gujarati
No. of Pravachans 8 (10 Hrs 30 mins)

With utmost compassion, the Enlightened Ones have propounded that eternal peace is attained by abiding in the True Self. This can be achieved through knowledge and correct understanding of the 6 Fundamental Tenets. Encompassing these Truths is Shrimad Rajchandra Vachanamrutji Patrank - 493, popularly known as ‘Chha Padano Patra’, which was written by Param Krupalu Dev in response to Shri Lalluji Muni’s request for Self-realisation. It is indeed a treasure-trove of knowledge and devotion. It has the potential to inspire a deep-seated transformation and is recited everyday by aspirants across the globe during the morning ajnabhakti.


Reforming beliefs and touching hearts, Pujya Gurudevshri illuminated this sacred letter in 8 pravachans during the Paryushan Parva of 1993. Commemorating Pujya Gurudevshri’s Golden Jubilee year, a set of 2 MP3s including these edifying pravachans and renditions of the Patra in the form of 9 bhajans by Pujyashri Sahajanandghanji (Bhadramuni), sung by Meetaben Shah, has been launched.


Let us propel our inward journey through this invaluable gift and offer a profound awakening at the Sadguru’s Lotus Feet!


Paryushan Parva - 1993

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