Quotes on Life


As life unfolds, you realise many things are not in your control. But you can always choose your response towards them.

The Guru is a yogi. Seeing Him, you learn to effortlessly balance your soul & the various roles you play in life.

A spiritual life is like a river that passes through fields of the world with compassion & finally merges into the ocean of divine eternity.

You are short-sighted if you can only plan for this life but cannot envision beyond death.

Make life an adventure. The fun lies in the spirit of exploring and experimenting new frontiers.

Travel light! Carrying emotional luggage will make the joyous journey of life painful.

Living life on the periphery causes stress and strain. Find your inner peace centre.

The purpose of life is to realise the changeless amid the changes.

A spiritually transformed life is full of choiceless, effortless awareness.

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