Quotes on Devotee


Installing the Guru in his heart, a devotee has only one prayer - make this servant like Thee.

Every action is generally performed for some gain. But a devotee's action stems from gratitude as he has gained from the Guru.

A devotee in any difficulty upgrades himself through a spiritual attitude.

The heart of a devotee dances in joy on seeing his saviour, the Guru, like a calf on seeing the cowherd coming to release it.

For a devotee whatever happens is a gift from God.

A devotee's dictionary has no requests, only thank You.

Through His unearthly aura, unparalleled speech & unfailing guidance, the Guru leads devotees to the divine experience.

Like Hanuman, a true devotee has only one desire - devout seva of his Guru.

For a devotee, a sevak or a seeker, Satsang is the strongest hour of his day.

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