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Patrank – 817

Mumbai, Kartak Vad 12, 1954

Received two of your letters earlier and one letter now. At present, there is a possibility of staying here.

It is rare for one to get the company of such Great Ones who having attained the state of self-realisation, move about in accordance with destiny, unaffected by the dualities. When such association occurs, one does not recognise that Being, and without appropriately recognising, an unswerving refuge in that Great Being does not occur. Until the refuge becomes steadfast, the teachings do not give results. Without the transformation resulting from the teachings, the attainment of self-realisation does not occur. Without the attainment of self-realisation, the ultimate cessation of the sorrows of birth, etc. cannot occur. The company of such Great Beings is indeed rare, there is no doubt about that. But to get the company of spiritual aspirants is also difficult. However, occasionally, that association can happen in the present times. Company of the Enlightened One and acquaintance of the scriptures is necessary. Om

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