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Patrank – 722

Vavania, Kartak Sud 10, Saturday, 1953

As respected mother’s body has got fever, and since some time she has been having a greater desire for me coming here, owing to the command from here on last Monday, I had to depart from Nadiad on Tuesday. I have arrived here on Wednesday afternoon.

When the feeling pertaining karma result as pain in the body, at that time contemplating on the changing nature of the body, the thoughtful ones give up attachment for that body and wife, son etc. that have been obtained in relation to that body; or act to weaken that attachment.

‘Atmasiddhishastra’ must be deeply contemplated.

Regards to Shri Achal etc.


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#SadguruWhispers You are short-sighted if you can only plan for this life but cannot envision beyond death.