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Patrank – 719

Nadiad, Aso Vad 10, Saturday, 1952

To the seeker of Self-realisation, practising the path of monkhood Shri Lalluji and Shri Devkaranji etc. – Shri Stambhatirth.

Had received the letter.

By the grace of Shri Sadgurudev there is abidance in the Self here.

‘I am sending herewith ‘Atmasiddhishastra’ to reflect upon in solitude. It should be reflected upon by Shri Lalluji at present.

If Shri Lalluji or Shri Devakaranji have a desire to reflect upon the Jain canons then, they should deliberate on ‘Acharang’, ‘Suyagadaang’, ‘Dashvaikalik’, ‘Uttaradhyayan’, and ‘Prashnavyakaran’.

Knowing that it will be more beneficial for Shri Devkaranji to reflect on ‘Atmasiddhishastra’ at a later time, it is indicated for only Shri Lalluji to reflect on it at this time. Despite that, if Shri Devkaranji has an intense desire to do so at this time, then having an unbroken resolve in one’s self that no one has been as supremely benevolent towards me as a living Master, and in the future lifetime of this body, if I abandon that unbroken resolve, then I shall consider that I have abandoned my spiritual welfare and I have committed the fault of disrespecting the favour of the truly benevolent One; and having made the resolve that one’s spiritual welfare lies in remaining constantly obedient to the Enlightened Being, without any contrary feelings, and dropping all other imaginations regarding the world; then there is no problem in reflecting on the text in the company of Shri Lalluji Muni even at this time. Many doubts can get resolved.

One who has a firm resolve to live in line with the instructions of the Enlightened One, and he who follows that resolve, to him alone does the knowledge become spiritually transformative, this fact must be certainly borne in mind by the seeker of Self-realisation. All the Enlightened Ones are witness to these words that I have written.

The ways by which detachment, calmness and discrimination increase in other monks too, in those ways Shri Lalluji and Shri Devakaranji as per their capacity, should make them listen and act. Moreover, other beings should also turn towards spiritual welfare and resolve to follow the instructions of the Enlightened One and cultivate detachment, reduce attachment for taste etc., in such and other ways, only for spiritual welfare, should they teach.

Infinite times the soul has been used for the sake of the body. Knowing that the body which would be used for the sake of the soul, that body is appropriate for the contemplation of the Self to arise, giving up all fancies regarding the body, it should be utilised only for spiritual welfare, such should certainly be the resolve of a seeker of liberation. That alone is the request.

Salutation to all the seekers of liberation.

The auspicious inherent nature of the Self.


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