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Patrank – 591

Mumbai, Chaitra, 1951

After indulging in desirable sense objects etc., wishing to retire from them, and by taking this course of action eventually attraction for the sense objects will not arise, this is difficult to happen; because without the state of enlightenment, annihilation of sensual desires is not possible. Indulging annihilates only the manifested sensual desires. But in the absence of the state of enlightenment, it is not possible for excitement to not arise while indulging in sensual desires; and so instead of overcoming the sensual desires, they grow more. Those who have the state of enlightenment, such Beings do not indulge in them with the desire for sense pleasures or the wish to get detached from them after having experienced them. And if They act in this manner, then the knowledge also may get veiled. The sense activities of the Enlightened Being are only because of the destiny due to manifesting karma and so cannot be averted. Those too are carried out with repentance before and after and with the mildest involvement during them. An ordinary seeker of liberation, while indulging in sense objects to cultivate detachment, mostly ends up getting bound, because even the Enlightened One has been able to conquer those circumstances with great difficulty, this being so, one who is just in the state of contemplation, he has no capacity to conquer sensual desires in such a way.


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