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Patrank – 380

Mumbai, Jeth, 1948

Stay engrossed in devotion to the Lord as much as possible. I have found this to be the foremost path to liberation. Devotion to the Lord should certainly be practised while sitting, with a steady mind too if you can.

For now, understand devotion to the Lord as the main way to steady the mind. Later too, it is this, and like this alone. Yet, it feels more appropriate to convey it through clear writing.

Read the other chapters of your liking from ‘Uttaradhyayansutra’; reflect upon the first twenty-four verses from the thirty-second chapter.

Cultivate worthiness through virtues like tranquillity of mind, impetus for liberation, dispassion, faith and compassion, etc. and then at some time, with the association of a Great One, you shall receive dharma.

Satsang, scriptures and spiritual disciplines are the best means.


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