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Patrank – 209

The Great Ones, through whichever name and whatever form have illuminated the ‘Truth’ alone. That alone is worth knowing. That alone is worth believing in, that alone is experiential. And that alone is worth worshiping with supreme love.

I yearn for the undivided devotion with unparalleled love of that ‘Supreme Truth’ alone.

Call that ‘Supreme Truth’, ‘Supreme Knowledge’, call it ‘Supreme Love’ if you like, and call it ‘Existence-Consciousness-Blissful Self ’ if you like, call it ‘Soul’ if you like, call it ‘the Soul of all’ if you like, call it one if you like, call it many if you like, call it one form if you like, call it many forms if you like, but Truth is Truth alone. And that alone is worthy of being said, is being said in all these ways. All is that alone, nothing else.

Such a one is called by infinite names like Supreme Essence, Supreme Being, God, Emancipated One, Lord, Flawless, Unknowable, Supreme Brahman, Supreme Soul, Supreme Lord, and Bhagwan. Whenever wishing to convey the Supreme Essence I utter any such words, then that is this alone, nothing else.


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#SadguruWhispers Check your joy and spirit when you say 'I'm pure Self.' That will decide how soon you will manifest it.