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Discovering the Treasures Within

Influenced by people around we often try to imitate others and ‘create’ talents. For a change, let us discover the vast treasures that lie untapped in each one of you. Now is the time to explore, discover and celebrate your uniqueness

What is it that Albert Einstein, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs and Sachin Tendulkar have in common? Yes, they are certainly successful in their respective fields but what else? It is that all of them were able to discover their talents, skills, passions and had the belief to pursue them. You can possibly have your name amongst them. Here’s how-

Why do you need to discover your passions?

We are often influenced by what people around us have achieved and eventually try to ape their ways or be like ‘them’. In this process, we almost become someone else and lose our individuality. And how many times have we been successful in this imitation? Imagine if Sachin Tendulkar, as a child, was influenced by Amitabh Bachchan’s fame and dreamt of becoming a successful actor, thereby leaving his passion to play cricket. India would have absolutely lost a star cricketer and Sachin would have possibly signed fewer movies than the number of centuries he has made! It’s better and easier to create opportunities, not talents and passions.

Thousands of people walk through life completely blind to their unique talents, trying to master something they might never master entirely, and most importantly, going through life as a struggle. What if we could figure out what we are good at and master it? English author and cartoonist Ashleigh Brilliant says, “The most exciting place to discover talents is in you.” Success has no shortcuts, but there is a highway to success and that highway is to discover your innate potential and pursue it with firm belief. Replace the constant struggle of creating talents by the subtle joy of discovering one. The effort for discovering your niche is worth more than the struggle to imitate and fail miserably.

What can your passion possibly be?

Is it possible that one does not have any natural talents? In the book ‘Now, discover your strengths’, authors Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton define talents in a way that most people would have never imagined before. Talent is defined as any recurring pattern of thought, feeling or behaviour that can be productively applied. Based on their research the authors also conclude that each person’s talents are enduring and unique. Here are some examples of talent as they define it: inquisitive, charming, persistent, responsible, dyslexic.

Dyslexic! Have we ever thought of dyslexia as a talent? The authors share an example of how David Boies – a celebrated trial attorney and one of the best litigators in the United States – uses dyslexia to his advantage. Dyslexia causes him to avoid using long and complicated words. He knows what these words mean, but doesn’t use them in his arguments because he’s afraid that he will mispronounce them. This need to rely on simple words makes his arguments far easier to follow. The authors of the book point out that “for David Boies, dyslexia is a talent because he has figured out a way to apply this recurring pattern productively”. American poet Henry Van Dyke adds, “Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.”

How can you discover your passions?

Step 1: Discover your niche

It is very difficult to wake up someone who assumes he is asleep. Accept that you are talented, just be aware and discover them.The truth is most people have never given themselves enough time to figure out what they are really passionate about. That kind of time is simply not a priority. Everything else seems to take the front seat when it comes to life, everything other than exploring what makes you really come alive. If you want to figure out what your niche is, you will need to spend some time actually thinking about it. Decide, I will uncover talents within me that make me unique and different from everyone else. We are all an individual blueprint. As no two snowflakes are alike or no two fingerprints are the same, each one of us possesses specific gifts that make us unique. So today, take time and do something that you’re curious about; something you’ve always wanted to try but have not made time for. For the next several days, take about 15-30 minutes and do something different than what you normally do. It could be taking a class, pursuing a hobby or just walking in the park. Ask yourself a few questions. What is incredibly easy to you? When is the time in your life when you have felt the most creative? What would you do if you got paid to exist? The purpose is to discover what you are good at.

Step 2: Nurture your talent

Discovering your talent is like sowing a seed, nurturing it is like watering it daily. It is important to master your talent in order to excel. It is constant batting practice that makes Sachin Tendulkar a great batsman. It is the sincere commitment to excel that made Steve Jobs a successful innovator. Nurturing your talents is crucial. Take out at least 15 minutes daily to master your niche and see it bloom to perfection with more and more practice. You will slowly reach a stage where you are so passionate about your talent that nurturing it would be a necessity.

Step 3: Carve your life

Now it’s time to capitalise on this talent. Either find or carve out a role that draws on these strengths every day. It does not mean quitting your current profession but it simply means modifying it slightly to accommodate your new-found treasure. Steal some time from your busy week and plan on how you could use it as an integral part of your life, maybe even as a means of earning money. Like, if someone’s talent is to play a guitar, he can start teaching students when he is free. The idea is to slowly incorporate this into your daily life. When you do, you will be more productive, more fulfilled, and more successful.

Step 4: Help others

En route to a prosperous life, it’s time to pass on the charm to others. A person who has discovered his passion is irresistibly attractive to others. Think of all the people who have influenced you and this is certainly a common trait. Now, it’s your chance to influence others. Compliment qualities and talents you see in others. Praise their talents. Encourage them to spend more time in nurturing them. This is a trademark of great people and with all the efforts you have taken earlier, you are sure to be one.

Knowingly or otherwise, this four-step process is often a part of any success story. Write about passion and one cannot miss Gandhiji’s passion for India’s freedom. The father of the nation discovered his passion for India’s freedom and nurtured it gradually through Satyagraha. The passion carved its way through and became Gandhiji’s life as the fight for freedom became more intense.

Now, make it happen

After you’ve found out what your passion is, it’s time to start living it. Immerse yourself in passionate action. Seth Godin writes, with anything worth doing, there is a filter that separates those that lean into the challenge and accomplish something great, and those that quit right before they are about to break through. But worse is not trying at all. So, right now you have a choice. Will you accept the risk of failing, which is really just an opportunity to grow, or will you curb your growth and lead a predictable life? Discover your niche, nurture your talent and carve your way to personal excellence. It’s time to add your name to the list of successful individuals who discovered their passion and chiselled their way to excellence.


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