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This Monkey Mind

O Lord!

This monkey mind keeps playing tricks with me. I want to come to You, but the mind is so engrossed in the glittery world, in nurturing attachments and inflating the ego that the desire to come to You gets buried under them. Only if I surrender this mind to You will my journey towards the Self commence.

O Embodiment of Kindness! My life was filled with passions. Only when I tried removing them, I realised how powerless I was. And then, You came rushing to my help, showered Your grace and filled me up with Your love divine.

Now, wherever I go, whatever I do, day and night, there is just one thought, just one yearning, when will I experience You? This pining has become my breath.

I am continuously practising to make my love pure. Remove the ego from me so that this flute can bring out the melody of Your love alone.

O my Divine Lover! Madly in love with You, I am seated at Your Lotus Feet, waiting to become one with You.

Om Peace Peace Peace


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#SadguruWhispers A spiritual life is like a river that passes through fields of the world with compassion & finally merges into the ocean of divine eternity.