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I Do Not Ask

O Master!

I do not ask for Your protection in
times of difficulty,
I pray for fearlessness while
facing them.
I do not seek Your solace in times
of distress,
I pray that I can defy sadness and
emerge victorious.
I do not urge You to pick-me-up,
I pray for the strength to swim across.
I do not request You to offload
my worries,
I pray for the spirit to live
through them.
When I receive no help from the
world, may I not give in to cowardice.
When only failures and deception
come my way, may I not consider
them as my loss.
I only pray that in the bright
favourable days,
may I remain humble to recognise
You behind them all, and in the dark
unfavourable nights,
may I always remember,
‘but I have You!’

Om Peace Peace Peace


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