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For Lives, I Lived in Vain

O Lord!

For lives, I lived in vain staying ignorant about religion. In this life, even though I found it, I remained so engrossed in wealth, status, relations … that I did not pay attention to my peaceful and blissful Self. Even after meeting the Enlightened One, I did not seek detachment from the world.

O Enjoyer of the Divine Bliss! With the help of Your teachings, I have understood the purpose of religious activities. I yearn to take a leap from activities that create sorrows to activities that lead to bliss. I want to do it. It is my faith that I can do it and I will do it.

O Divine Gardener! I do not wish to die as a bud, I want to blossom into a flower. By complying with Your commands I shall certainly actualise this resolution that has risen with Your grace.

Bless me that I abide in the Supreme Self and fulfil this precious human birth.

Om Peace Peace Peace


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#SadguruWhispers Amidst inner impurities, the Self remains unchanging and pure. Detach from the modifications to experience the pure Self.