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Finding Silence in Sound

Let us learn how we can cultivate awareness and turn within with the help of sound

We are surrounded by sounds of all kinds. Whether it is the sound of nature or those from the manmade industries, the world is always buzzing.

The practise of listening meditation begins with simply noticing what you are hearing. Some distant talk, sounds of animals, nature, vehicles etc. Each ear will act like a giant antenna. Your awareness will expand. Gradually this meditation will help you become more skilful at utilising sound to quieten your mind.

Let us learn the art of listening meditation:

  • Get into a comfortable position. Close your eyes and focus on your breath.
  • Shift your awareness to the sounds present around you. Become aware of the sounds that come to your right ear and then of the sounds that come to your left ear.
  • Expand your awareness slowly to sounds that are outside the room, the road down your building etc.
  • Listen with a ‘detached awareness’ allowing sounds to come and go, like clouds floating across the sky. Be open to all sounds without judging or labelling. Settle into a space where you notice sounds but are not distracted by them.
  • Continue to be attentive to new sounds that come into your awareness and eventually notice moments where there is no sound at all. Seek these gaps of silence between sounds

Thus, use sound as a springboard to expand your sensitivity, enhance your awareness and dive within.


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