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Commendable Commitment

Enlightened Masters are abodes where all the divine virtues reside together. Pujya Gurudevshri is one such treasure chest of extraordinary qualities. Let us marvel at His remarkable virtues and get inspired to kindle them in ourselves

Have you resolved to do something only to experience your enthusiasm gradually fizzle out as time passes? Have you set a goal but given up halfway? If yes, you probably know that one reason for the enthusiasm dying was the lack of commitment – towards ourselves as well as to others. Commitment, defined as a state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity, is one of the driving forces that distinguish great people from ordinary ones.

Pujya Gurudevshri’s life is an epitome of unparalleled commitment in action. His commitment stems from His unfathomable devotion towards Param Krupalu Dev. His commitment is not restricted to any one deed or project but extends to every activity of His life. What better gift to offer Him than being inspired by His virtues and cultivating them within us?

Commitment Towards Sadhana

The signs of Pujya Gurudevshri’s sterling commitment were evident right from His childhood. When He was four years old, He would cry when His mother would not wake Him up early for samayik. During His studies for Master of Arts (M.A.), such was His commitment that He would go to the University even if it was raining heavily, so much so that at times, the professor wouldn’t have reached for the class but He would be present!

Though constantly rooted in the Eternal Self, He diligently follows His daily schedule of sadhana irrespective of His packed schedule. Despite being involved in so many dharmayatras, pravachans, meetings, projects etc. He ensures that each day before beginning His public life He has completed His personal sadhana. In fact, He not only completes His daily sadhana but manages to stay ahead of His schedule by accomplishing it in advance, thereby providing for a buffer during emergencies.

His commitment extends to the minutest of things and He does not allow any reason to hinder Him from accomplishing what He sets out to do. Even in times of excruciating knee pain, He followed His schedule of exercise. When He begins to read a book, He first writes the date by when He will finish reading it. For Him, a disciplined, dedicated and committed living is a way of life.

Commitment Towards Seva

Pujya Gurudevshri’s commitment to seva and its purpose is impeccable. In any seva, He makes sure that the purpose of seva – spiritual upliftment is achieved. Even during the seva meetings, He uplifts devotees by satsang. Thus, His focus is not just on completing the task but making it a cause of elevation.

Such is His commitment to seva that He limped His way through the Sadguru Prerna sites in the Ashram just to ensure that the Ashram’s Master Planning Project is executed to perfection. He is also very particular about the time in which the seva task should be done. For Him, a seva has no value if it is not completed within the pre-decided timeline. So once He commits something, He will go out of the way also to make sure that the commitment is fulfilled at any cost.

Commitment Towards Sangh

The Mission has witnessed a remarkable growth under Pujya Gurudevshri’s guidance with commendable progress in all areas. He has played a pivotal role in taking the principles of Jainism and teachings of Param Krupalu Dev to spiritually parched souls across the globe.

We have seen Him offer Himself completely to the Mission even in the most difficult times. Despite critical health conditions like angioplasty, fractures etc. He has always thought about the Mission first. Don’t we all remember Him going for the Premarpit group shibir to Shri Kulpakji Tirth in 2012 merely four days after His angioplasty or going for the Canada – UK Dharmayatra in 2013 in spite of two fractures in His leg! He once participated in a Trustee Meeting when His diastolic blood pressure was around 110, a state in which a normal person would be confined to the bed. He sat with the organisers of an upcoming Tirthyatra, the very next day of His father’s demise to ensure proper arrangements for the seekers.

Truly, every act of His life is a reflection of His commitment to Param Krupalu Dev. Our Unmoved Mover Pujya Gurudevshri is untiringly widening realms of His sadhana, seva and growth of the Mission. Our heads and hearts bow in reverence as we wish Him a glorious Golden Jubilee Birth Anniversary.

Let Us Be Like Him!

Let us not stop at just applauding His qualities. Let us take steps to cultivate them within us.

  • Cultivate One Strong Reason: Being passionate about your goal fuels your commitment towards it. Develop one strong reason that resonates with you in your endeavours and infuses you with unflinching commitment to achieve your goal.
  • Declare Your Commitment: When you declare your commitment to others, you are more inclined to fulfil it. Your word has the power to motivate you.
  • Be Persistent: You will come across obstacles and temptations that hinder your focus. Be persistent and rise above the distractions.

Your commitment is worth abundant appreciation, Your unflinching devotion drives Your stupendous dedication, Breathing passion in every action, from all flaws You are free,
O Beloved! May we imbibe Your virtues and be like Thee.

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