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Fear is the biggest hindrance in love for the Guru.

A devotee's sole purpose, behind his every action, is to increase love for his beloved Guru.

Dharma is not a mere activity of the mind, speech & body. It is an experience of pure love.

Your success in meditation can be gauged by how meditative you can remain during the rest of the day.

Before planning anything ask yourself - What do you want in life? Do you want a flashy lifestyle or peace, bliss & purity?

It is not branded items, but your spiritual values that build your character. 

A sevak derives joy, connection and purity from seva. His seva is his sadhana.

Stay far, stay quiet - do not react to any thought that passes by.

Does your faith have the strength to bring about a transformation in you?

#SadguruWhispers Be a joyous presence to others and help them bring out their best.