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The one, who is interested in Self-realisation is not interested in insisting on changes.

When you feel you can't, say 'I can't yet'. Don't give up. Get up!

God does not see your worthiness, He sees your readiness and comes.

Your happiness is snatched away by your negative thinking. Infuse positivity by rectifying your attitude.

Keep devotion alive in your heart, irrespective of what you have to go through in life.

Every past event is like a dead body, don't carry it in your mind.

Guru is a personification of dharma. Knowing Him is knowing the Self.

Let the knowledge from your intellect trickle down to your heart & melt your ego & attachments.

He who has a purpose in life, is effortlessly disciplined.

#SadguruWhispers Contentment is the absence of desires, not fulfilling them.