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Sadguru like a storm blows away your ego, attachments and insistences to reveal your inherent peace and beauty.

Progress in meditation is when you move from practising meditation to being meditative.

Pause, step back, buy time to reflect and choose your response.

Check your joy and spirit when you say 'I'm pure Self.' That will decide how soon you will manifest it.

An Enlightened Master is like a boat taking you from the bank of forms to the formless.

External practices can be helpful, but a seeker focuses on practising inwardness.

Ready-made answers do not help you grow. Based on Satsang, cultivate your own discretion.

Extend your love and expand your family to include all.

Do you love yourself? Then, without complaints, anxiety, impatience, distress & insistence, patiently wait for the grace to flow.

#SadguruWhispers Make your present effort stronger to overcome the effect of the past.