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Celebrate the birth of Shri Ram, who inspires us to live dharma in any circumstance.

To a complex mind with rigidity and impurity, the simple truth seems difficult to understand.

Check the purpose of your austerities - is it for your soul detox or body detox?

God completes the sentence you have begun. So write big and see the magic.

Do not make Satsang a casual event. Plan that day - your rest, food, meetings & inner state for the Satsang to be effective

Stay unshaken by challenges, for God will not plant a pious idea in you if you cannot fulfil it.

The Guru accepts the weakest person as a disciple, and a worthy disciple does not remain weak after finding such a Guru.

Demolish selfishness, design yourself to be good, develop good deeds and decorate your life with virtues.

Dharma is not separate from the Enlightened One. When Dharma manifests in a form, it is called an Enlightened One.

#SadguruWhispers A devotee of God is like Shri Hanuman, who values nothing in the world that does not have Shri Ram.