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Your net worth is your network - your ability to connect with people and build loving relationships.

Check during your activities, social or seva - that your values, connection and inner calling for a higher life, is not lost.

It's better to take a break than to breakdown. Consciously move backward to revitalise, rejuvenate & relaunch yourself.

Your beliefs shape your thoughts and actions. Work on your beliefs to make your journey easy and joyful.

To win the game of life, master the art from a Master who has mastered it.

High or low, realise that you are the witness of every state.

Goodness can never truly die. It may undergo trials and tribulations but will eventually resurrect.

Take a moment to check with yourself. How are you feeling right now?

The cross reminds us of Christ, who had nullified His 'I', the egoic identity.

#SadguruWhispers Stay unshaken by challenges, for God will not plant a pious idea in you if you cannot fulfil it.