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Hridayarpit – Sarvarpit Retreat 2020
The Hridayarpit and Sarvarpit group of the Arpit Family basked in the divine love of Pujya Gurudevshri, as He blessed them with a 2-day retreat.

Yoga with Pujya Gurudevshri, a 12-hour meditation retreat targeted to help deal with anger, an evening of heartfelt dedications to their Master, learning life lessons through games with Atmarpit Nemiji and much more engulfed the devotees in an embrace of love and laughter. The retreat reached its peak, as the Master blessed them with a Sadguru Udghosh, motivating them to strive to develop a Higher Taste; to move from sensual joy and intellectual joy to Inner Joy!

#SadguruWhispers It is not only the words, but the spirit with which you absorb them that brings a transformation in you.