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Advanced Workshops in Veterinary Education

Senior veterinarians from India and abroad convened for two workshops of three days each on Advanced Veterinary Education Programmes, a collaborative initiative by Shrimad Rajchandra Educational Trust and Kamdhenu University. These workshops, held in academic partnership with the University of Glasgow, UK and the University of Edinburgh, UK, were designed to address contemporary challenges and advancements in veterinary practices.

The first workshop, led by Professor Sandra A. Corr from the University of Glasgow, delved into small animal practice with a focus on joint-related issues prevalent in residential pets. The programme included diverse hands-on training sessions and lectures on surgical procedures for hips, hind-limb joints and soft tissues; equipping participants with the knowledge to tackle various movement-related issues seen in pets.

Parallelly, another workshop, guided by Dr Andy Hopker from the University of Edinburgh, concentrated on the practical aspects of effective veterinary services in a farm setting. Participants were exposed to a range of topics including animal management, farm assessment and animal health intervention and management of fertility problems.

Both workshops were a collaborative effort between the Shrimad Rajchandra Educational Trust and Animal Care teams. They enabled a synergistic learning environment; providing hands-on skills enhancement and interactive sessions, culminating in certification for the participants.

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