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Tvam Sharanam

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Atmarpit… is the call of the Divine
Atmarpit… is the doorway into a world of eternal bliss
Atmarpit… is the strong beckon from the other world
Atmarpits are a group of lifelong celibate devotees who choose to lead a life dedicated to seva and sadhana.
A glimpse into the life of an Atmarpit nurturing under the Divine guidance of their Master, is a source of true inspiration to all aspirants keen on treading ahead on the spiritual path.
Witness the inner transformation of 10 blessed Atmarpits as they share the memorable experiences of their journey from materialism to blissful devotion and spirituality. It is a saga of the miracles of Divine love – of their turn from a life revolving around selfish desires to a life revolving around the Will of God.
Don’t miss out on these pristine moments.
Come, get inspired towards a higher purpose in life.
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Tvam Sharanam - Video Download
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