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Jinshasan Jayvant Varto

Media 1 DVD

The magnificent celebrations commemorating the completion of 20 years of Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur included a musical dance drama embellished with sterling performances and timeless songs. It demonstrated the contribution of Param Krupalu Dev’s teachings in bringing about a renaissance in the practice of Jainism, which over time, had fallen into the narrow straightjackets of either dogmatic ritualism or mere intellectualism. It further depicted how Pujya Gurudevshri has engineered the Mission and its activities in keeping with the teachings of Param Krupalu Dev, bringing about an unfolding of spirituality in the lives of thousands. 


Directed by Shri Jayendrabhai Kalyani and Shri Dharmeshbhai Mehta, coupled with competent screenplay and dialogues by Sarvarpit Meghal Desai and skilful execution by Sharnarpit Tina Mehta; the show was enlightening and entertaining. 


This unique theatrical presentation is now launched as a DVD, ‘Jinshasan Jayvant Varto’.


Come… relive this blissful saga.

₹ 200.00