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Patrank – 751

Vavania, Fagan Vad 11, Sunday, 1953

Om Salutation to the Omniscient One

Received a letter expressing the desire to learn in detail the types of Samkit (Right Belief) mentioned in ‘Atmasiddhi’.

Three types of Samkit have been expounded in Atmasiddhi:-

  1. In the form of faith in the words of the Enlightened (Trustworthy) One, an unprecedented passion for His commands, devotion to the Enlightened (Trustworthy) One along with restraining from self-will, that is called the first Samkit.
  2. Convinction of the Self due to brief but distinct experience, that is called the second type of Samkit.
  3. Thoughtless experience of the Self, that is called the third type of Samkit.

The first Samkit is the cause of the second Samkit. The second Samkit is the cause of the third Samkit. All three Samkit have been accepted by the Dispassionate One. All three Samkit are worth practising, worth venerating, and worth being devoted to.

The Dispassionate One has said to take the support of the words of the Enlightened One until the last moment of the dawn of Omniscience. That is, until the twelfth stage of spiritual development, the stage of annihilation of delusion, gradually purifying the experience of the Self with scriptural knowledge, when that purification reaches completeness, the ‘Omniscience’ emerges. Until the first moment of its emergence, the path expounded by the Enlightened One is the support; that has been said, it is undoubtedly true.


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