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Online Sessions for Children

(8+ years)

The Dharma Toolkit

Based on Daan, Sheel, Tapa, Bhaav

4 Facets of Dharma

Daily at 11 am

Day 1 – Daan
The Benevolence of Dharma

Day 2 – Daan
The Compassion Quotient

Day 3 – Sheel
The Armour of Dharma

Day 4 – Sheel
The Virtue Quotient

Day 5 – Tapa
The Fire of Dharma

Day 6 – Tapa
The Purity Quotient

Day 7 – Bhaav
The Breath of Dharma

Day 8 – Bhaav
The Potency Quotient

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Sessions will be in English

Seating eToken system

Morning Session Entry time: 6:15 am

Evening Session Entry time: 6:45 pm

1) Tokens may be generated two hours before every session (both morning and evening).

2) There is no need to arrive very early or to stand in long queues for better seats.

3) Seating zones close 10 min before the program starts, tokens are valid only if you take your seat by that time.


Detailed Schedule
Snatra Puja
Kathopanishad Granth (PDF)
Kathopanishad – Shibir 5: Pravachan Points (PDF)
Patrank – 901: Recitation
Patrank – 901: Mangalacharan & Arti
Patrank – 901: Pravachan Points (PDF)
Vishesh Aradhana

For contributing or Laabhs towards Paryushan Mahaparva 2022,
kindly contact Gautambhai Shah on +91 9821049338

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