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The Guru shows your true nature as wondrous, glorious & magnificent. Turn towards it to experience boundless bliss.

Loving the Guru is to recognise and love His pure inner state.

Guru remains steady on the path of liberation, and His compassion, steadies others on the path.

Guru raises you to the level of inner purity and then lets you discharge your duties in the world.

An attitude of gratitude is an infallible path to peace.

The fruit of austerity is inner peace and purity.

Forgiveness is the need of the aspirant. It is a great way to offload toxic feelings.

Spirituality is an inner transformation, not just physical and mental practices.

Devotion unto the inner state of the Enlightened One devalues the world and worldliness.

#SadguruWhispers To purify your love, widen your range - from loving your family to society, humanity, animals & even plants.