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The Happiness Sensex

Media Type Digital Download
No. of Pravachans 1 (1 Hr 43 mins)

Amidst our busy lives and myriad activities, there lies a constant search for happiness. However, our experience is that we do not find joy that lasts.

Are you tired of your inner state constantly being at the mercy of external factors? Are you frustrated that your moods keep fluctuating like the Sensex? Are you looking for a formula to win in this ‘market of emotions’?

Look no further. Through the ‘Happiness Sensex’, Pujya Gurudevshri illustrates the art of remaining cheerful at all times, in all circumstances. Explore this discourse packed with wisdom and invaluable tools on how to reprogramme deep-rooted thought patterns to create the state of mind you long for. Apply these tips and allow your life to become a continuous celebration.

This illuminating discourse is available as a DVD and also as audio in an MP3.

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