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Jin Stavna - Raj Bhajna

Size 5" x 7.9" (Hardbound)
No. of Pages 632 (each)
Language Gujarati

To aide devotees on the path of pure devotion – to enable them to progress ahead on the path of divine union, two books on devotional bhajans were launched on the auspicious occasion of the Ashram Sthapnadin Mahotsav 2011, which marked the completion of 10 glorious years of Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram Dharampur.


The two books are:

Jin Stavna

This book consists of stavans dedicated to the omniscient Tirthankar Bhagwans, whose compassion for all beings is endless. Bhajans evoking feelings of detachment and deep spirituality, along with puja sutras, chaityavandan and stutis form a part of this book.


Raj Bhajna

This book provides all the priceless compositions created by Param Krupalu Dev Shrimad Rajchandraji and those dedicated to Him. This book is also a collection of bhajans inspiring undeterred love, faith and surrender towards the Guru along with profound and soul stirring bhajans written by various great saints.


These two books also contain various mesmerising dhuns along with arti, mangal divo etc. that form the daily rituals of a devotee.


Come and dive into the depths of devotion.

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1. Jin Stavna
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