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Language English and Gujarati
Size 4.7" x 3.3" (Hard Bound)

Under Pujya Gurudevshri’s compassionate guidance, numerous aspirants are progressing on the spiritual path enunciated by Bhagwan Mahavira and illumined by Param Krupalu Dev.


An integral part of daily spiritual practices for seekers is ajnabhakti, that is, a series of prayers, ordained by the Guru, performed with devotion everyday. The noble intention of ajnabhakti is to start each day of this priceless human life through connection with the Lord, extolling His virtues and conclude it too with the experience of the boundless blessings bestowed by Him. 


Now, devotees around the world can recite their daily prayers along with the English version of ajnabhakti. The English book, ‘Ajnabhakti’ comprises a transliteration of each prayer, along with a short translation and explanation of the same. It includes the morning - evening ajnabhakti along with chaityavandan and arti-divo.


Shri Manubhai Doshi, winner of JAINA’s Jain Ratna Award, has graciously translated and provided the explanation of these sacred compositions.


This compilation will certainly be beneficial to seekers, guiding them to Oneness with the Lord.

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1. Ajnabhakti English
418 pages
Hard Cover
₹ 250.00
2. આજ્ઞાભક્તિ (Gujarati)
88 pages
Hard Cover
₹ 35.00