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3 Steps of Inner Work

Media Type Sadguru Enlightens App and Digital Download
Language With English Subtitles

The trio of Introspection, Contemplation and Meditation are imperative for a seeker on the inner journey. Pujya Gurudevshri comprehensively elucidates on each of these three essential steps of Inner Work in this series in Gujarati (with English subtitles).

Introspection necessitates an unbiased inspection of one’s self and propels an aspirant on the spiritual journey. Contemplation involves deliberation upon the wisdom gained and meditation is about remaining absorbed and steady in it. Answering the why, what and how of these steps, the series underscores how each is integral for one’s spiritual growth.



  • Spiritual Hunger - Eligibility for the Inward Journey
  • Introspection - What and How
  • Introspection - Art of Subtle Observation
  • Contemplation - What and How
  • Contemplation - Practical Aspect
  • Meditation - Joy of Realisation


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